Xyr 6


Just me is allowed to believe what ever Just me wants. People’s souls are made of Nobite hooked up together in different ways, like however they were born, what they see, what they read, how they’re held, all shapes their Nobite. Just me’s Nobite is different from Xyr’s is all, so different things real to Just me. Some people have roses growing in their hearts. Thorns with the sweetness. Some people have the tongues of lions and the iron of old learning to keep them powerful. Xyr wrong to make the garbage from Just me’s point of view. Xyr can learn from Just me, too. What makes Xyr judge of what’s right? Put a black robe on. Put a gavel in the hand. Who gave that job to Xyr? Cause uses bigger words? Acts more important? Shouts louder? Is prettier?
What’s Xyr got now? Looks like a toy. Xyr is now busy looking at a tiny scroll. Very very tiny, written in tiny letters. Xyr pulls up a magnifying glass out of nowhere, just to read the thing. It looks like a toy.
Xyr’s fingers twist into a rune shape. Fingers all bent, look broken at the knuckles. It looks like it hurt. Xyr begins to weave a spell. Strings of light in the air.
Now Just me know what the tiny scroll is for. Xyr is shrinking. What is Xyr up to? Just me go closer.

Can Xyr and Just

Xyr still doesn’t notice Just me. Xyr never noticed Just me, never paid no attention to Just me. Xyr still thinks Just me am beneath Xyr, even though Xyr is small now. Xyr know but Just me am here, but still act like Just me am not here, even though to Xyr, now, Just me has the bigness of a mountain.



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