Everything is true.

Everything is true. All of the findings, opinions, beliefs, and points of view held by my friends (and opponents) are all true– even those that contradict each other. Even the contradiction of the preceding statement is true.  Appreciating the truth in things we believe to be false is the key to having a deeper self and a harmonious and diverse culture. It is a quantum point of view. The universe is like Schrodinger’s cat– a simultaneous experience of contradictions. Xyr– which is part of Cannibals– is a myth to demonstrate that truth– a collection of lost silent film fragments that can be read in a variety of different sequences. The meanings of the fragments change according to the order in which they are read. You can steer your way through different versions of Xyr using the hyperlinks provided– or you can read all the assembled documents in ordinary numerical sequence. The choice is yours.


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