Twilight Patrol #4: Dragon God Over the Western Front



“Congrieve kicked his rudder, turning a hard left, trying to make a run at the beast’s eyes. Pockets of hot gas continued to toggle his wings. Honorati rose to cluster defensively. Rather than trying to shoot them down, Congrieve zigzagged through their gauntlet, knowing their sights and aiming would be as impaired as his own. Even though he was able to cruise past the Honorati protectors, it was still a struggle to get within firing range of the beast’s gigantic eye. As Congrieve approached, the vast pupil dilated. Large as a lake, the pupil exposed its Stygian fathoms, staring at directly at Congrieve, assessing him. He saw himself and his plane reflected in the shimmering pools of the inferno. An orgasm of flame erupted from the gargantuan mouth, and the air around the dragon’s head grew impossibly hot, forcing Congrieve to halt his approach.”